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By becoming an Author for Jaysciencetech
  • You get at least a single backlink back to your website or blog
  • You’ll get targeted  and proportional visitors
  • You will become popular and gain authority  in your niche
  • Your writing skills will even improve
How to Contribute your Post to Jaysciencetech
 Before you submit your articles, you should try to take this few advice. I strongly advice that your article should be purely original and informative, with the readers priority intact. Do not skip this tips, reading and submitting already published contributions,/and or articles should contain elements of uniqueness. Hope you will cooperate with us. Thanks in advance .

Categories that We Accept Article From:

=>Blogging Tips, Tools, SEO and everything related to Blogging and How TOs.

=>Tech secrets, science news and science innovation

=>Blog Promotion & Traffic generation.

=>Chemistry tutorials, lessons, biology, physics lessons on How TOs.

=>WordPress SEO, Plug-ins, and Themes etc.

=>Make Money Online Tips and ideas.

=>How to articles, softwares, Android apps etc.

=>Articles related to CSS, jQuery, Php, HTML/JavaScript.

=>Health tips, Education &scholarships

=> Social media marketing , online marketing & Inbound marketing.

=>Skill acquisitions,fashion designing,online shopping,marketing etc

Important Guidelines Before you Submitting:
1.    The Article you submit to Jaysciencetech should be containing at least 600 words. All the articles will be manually reviewed by the editor and do not copy other bloggers effort. Once we discover that your submission is plagiarism (we use paid software), you better’ need not send anymore because you'll be completely prohibited from writing guest post to Jaysciencetech.
2.    We keep our standard, If you're a regular visitor of Jaysciencetech, it's very much clear about our writing style and what topic we cover through. We respect your hard word and whole credit will up to you. But if your contribution or idea is someone else work, do not hesitate to give them credit. So write original, unique article to get your article published on Jaysciencetech, from now Henceforth.

3.    Along with your submission, you should include a 125x125 pic of you with a short author bio (including two backlinks). Remember you should send this thing only at first time. From second time onwards you need to send articles only....no profile pic and short author bio. So your guest submissions will include a brief bio of the author and a link to his or her website for some extra publicity.
4.    Try to answer for queries, comments and question that you received related to your article via Jaysciencetech comment when your article is published. Keep in mind readers are everything... Once they feel they are ignored by you, it’s not easy to bring them back. So keep a relationship with your readers who read and ask about your article you contribute. This will be a great help and encouragement to readers especially for newbies.
This is the best way to sky rocket your blogging career or build your dominance in the community of great bloggers. I talk about the ordinary guest blogging as an intentional or voluntary writing.  People all around the world engage continually in it. The paybacks are unarguably known and have been for long verified to be the only genue Search engine ranking formular. Guest blogging is now the best way to build backlinks, and gain massive traffic. I wasn't told, i have experienced it..


Jaysciencetech currently seeks quality writers who can supply unique articles based on our specification. You can check at the top to see the kind of articles we currently accept, it should be minimum of 600 words and extremely informative, educative and readers priority in check.

Amount paying per published article: #500 

Got any further Questions? If you have any questions, regarding guest posting at Jaysciencetech, please eMail the editor at admin@jaysciencetech.com OR jaysciencetechh@gmail.com

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