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How To Deal With Rejection At Work

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Rejection at work can occur due to many reasons. But one thing all forms of rejection have in common is "pain".
Rejection de-stabilises your need to belong. It spikes the urge of incessant anger and aggression.
Rejection destroys your self-esteem. It smacks you down hard when you get the "red card" of exclusion from a group, activity or place you have always desired to be a part of.
As a result, the rationale part of you is knifed so bad, you lose control of yourself, terribly.
But you don't have to belabour yourself verbally and physically.
Handling rejection at work can prove difficult and can only become something you can fight off easily when you understand that: "Rejection is a common occurrence. Learning that early and often will help you build up the tolerance and resistance to keep going and keep trying."--Kevin Feige
How do you deal with rejection, you now ask? Following are easy and proven ways you can.
Don't Hide It, Talk To Someone About It
Completely withdrawing and shelling yourself will not undo the excruciating damage or emotional pains experienced during rejection.
Instead, talk about your rejections with trusted advisors as well as mentors too. This is important because getting an outside opinion gives you a chance to see why you were rejected from a totally different perspective. 

Stop Punishing Yourself

It's hard not taking rejection personally. Even harder is when you come out as weak and need. But you need to realise you were wired like that.
Constantly and repeatedly beating yourself up about what you could have done to change the now past situation will destroy you.
Instead of thinking this, take your mind off the fact that it's a personal ruckus. Look at the rejection from a business perspective.
Perhaps you didn't qualify enough for that position and it's just isn't YOU. Keep this in mind and you'll feel great about yourself. You'll be stronger and will definitely want to be better. 
Discuss The Rejection With Colleagues, If The Rejection Is Interpersonal
Maybe it isn't you after all. Perhaps you were completely snubbed for every reason but not you or your mannerisms. It could be being exempted from a team meeting which you have a right to attend.
Be courageous and confront those colleagues in a polite manner. You don't want to sound angry or irritated. Be frank about your feelings but be careful not to sound emotional.
Explain, by giving firm reasons why you need to be involved in every meeting. Convey a strong message that says: "I believe my inputs to meetings will be valuable."

See Rejection As A Blessing
"A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success."-- Bo Bennett
Being rejected is not the time to sulk up and cuss the universe for being ungrateful to you.
An act of rejection sometimes, is a way of telling you there is something better out there. It's all about you remaining positive no matter what.
It doesn't matter how many times those doors got shut in you face or the innumerable trials. If you'll keep trying and start now by seeing them as perfect opportunities for growth, you'll definitely do better. You'll improve. You'll be stronger. In closing, do not allow yourself to be stung by the negative effects of rejection. Reduce your anger and aggression.
Never take rejection personally. Let rejections motivate you to do better. And always remember rejections will never be uncommon in workplaces.

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