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4 Simple Ways To Be More Creative

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Steve Jobs, Apple Co-founder once said in an interview: "creativity is just connecting things."

You probably have heard the word "creativity" countless number of times. As easy as it sounds when saying the 5-syllabic word, the whole process to achieving it is alien to you.

And then there's the peddling fact that only those born with talents are the only creativity lot out there. Daily the old cliché  rings loud in your head each time you try to be part of that bracket.
But you easily forget that creativity is a process. It's all about being passionate.

Like the great artiste Pablo Picasso once said, we are born artis.  It means you can be creative as well. You have the ability and all you need is the "How?" What does this mean?

It means even the less creative types like you can be more creative not just in your workplace but also in your professional life and daily routines.
But first, you must think of creativity as a skill. This helps to eliminate the barreling thoughts of "it is only for the talented."
Here are assured ways to be more creative not just at your workplaces but in your professional life too.

Start Thinking Differently

When you begin thinking differently, you automatically change the way you solve and see things. An old truck will never be as good on the road as a new one unless few things are changed.

That's your cue. Innovation is needed when you think creativity. Seeking to do things differently might make you look stupid or uncomfortable but that's the point. To be spot-on you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Always Ask Questions
Nobody is a well of knowledge. To be at the peak of your game, you need to ask questions. Ask yourself : "Is there a better way to approach this project than the normal routine?" "What are the chances that If I do this this way, I'll finish even faster?"

The human memory is amazing when dealing with questions. You ask and it gives you ideas.
Another way to do this is asking other people. Asking others  questions is an even better way to inspire ideas.

The most creative people never settle for one single way of solving things. Rather they look for hundred others. Always practice asking questions. Dissatisfied with your own answers? Practice asking others.

Surround Yourself With Creativity
Creativity is contagious. It means, in order to be creative, you must circle yourself with creativity. Surround yourself with people who are open minded. Because when you do, you open yourself to new ideas. Most creative people are typically open-minded. They don't resist new ideas or experiences. Start this now and take your whole professional life to greener level.m
Be An Expert
The secret to success does not lie in your natural ability or what is commonly known as "talent". Though it makes for a less bumpy ride, it's usually not the real catalyst for success.

So what is? It's "Practice!" Deliberate practice. It's not just engaging in continuous repetitive processes to achieving success. Rather, it involves pushing yourself to master tasks beyond your capabilities.

According to New York Times bestselling Author John C. Maxwell in his book Talent Is Not Enough, practice sharpens your creativity. It sharpens your talent. Because in your lies every bit of creativity. This you need to start believing.

In truth and reality, "no people reach their potential unless they are willing to practice their way there."--John C. Maxwell.
Practice the above tips and unleash the your creative genius.
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