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4 Bad Habits Seriously Damaging Your Productivity Now!

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Bad habits are like porn. They are hard to defeat. They are glued solid to you like ticks on your pet dog, proving difficult to break off.
Worse, they affect your productivity. They complicate your work goals, fiddle with your plans and leave you feeling miserable. Stressed.
Too often these bad habits are left unchecked. Oblivious and unnoticed. When that happens, you risk jeopardising your health, wealth and work. But this doesn't have to be the case.
For this reason, I have listed 4 common lifestyle habits that you didn't know are damaging your productivity in general. Each list also contains  a concise solution to help you deal with them.
Habit #1 Sleeping Less
Depriving yourself enough sleep reduces your emotional intelligence. It completely cripples your self confidence and makes you lose control.
Can't concentrate? Taking longer hours to finish a task? Occasionally nodding after lunch breaks or during work hours? All these are symptoms of inadequate sleep.
How to solve this? Simple. Start getting enough sleep. It not only makes you more productive, it also strengthens your body armour against infections.
In addition, resist the urge to check your phone in the middle of the night. This will disrupt your sleep pattern. 
Finally do not compensate your nightly beauty sleep with daytime sleep. Why? Because the energy needed for repairing your tissues are absent during daylight.

Habit #2 Skipping  Exercises
On the days I don't exercise, I feel incomplete. Like a chunk of myself was ripped off my entire whole. That's what happens when you skip exercises. Worse even daily. 
Eliminate the negatives impression that exercises are challenging. While some may be, others like jogging, running and early morning walks are very simple and will get you great results. 
When you exercise, you help your mind solve problems a little faster. Another benefit of exercise is that it helps you sleep better at night, improving your overall health and productivity. 
In addition, exercises make you feel better and have increased energy throughout the day. 
Habit #3 Being Around Negative And Unproductive People 
"If you commit to giving more time than you have to spend, you will constantly be running from time debt collectors." —Elizabeth Grace Saunders
Just like you get flu, cold by staying around infected people, you become less productive when you spend more time with unproductive people. 
Whether they're close work friends or your best buddy, it doesn't matter. Being around them for too long will reduce your work morale and could cost you your career. You will begin to experience the inability to meet your deadlines and work goals.
To increase your productivity and overall mental health, quit being around negative and unproductive people all the time.
Habit #4 Doing More
"It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less." — Nathan W. Morris
You may feel that being more productive means doing more. But it's actually the opposite. Doing less. Research shows that the longer your hours, the greater your risk of depression, heart disease and contracting diabetes. 
Productivity declines dramatically if you're working more than 50 hours a week. Which means you're throwing away your time.
Instead of doing more, focus on doing less by breaking you tasks into bits. When you do this, it eliminates errors and inefficiencies  and in return helps you relax and do other things outside of work that makes you happy.

What unhealthy habits have you been able to identify and defeat that wasn't listed above? Share your experiences in the comments below.
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