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3 Common Problems Faced By Every Smartphone User And How To Fix Them

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"Smartphones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever."--Daniel Goleman

While this is absolutely true, can we really say there is a perfect smartphone user experience?
Your guess is a good as mine. No. There is nothing as such.

Very often, we are dealt a hard powerful and devastating blow by a clutter of different problems when using our smartphones.

For some, this may happen after a long use. While for others, it could be few days after you made that brand new purchase from an authorized dealer in your area.

Then, you start experiencing distressing issues like overheating, lags, faulty batteries etc. A good moment, good day gone sour.

Is there anything you can do about this? Should you replace your two week-old smartphone?
Fortunately, yes there's a solution. And no, you don't necessarily need to change your smartphone. 
For this reason, below are three common problems faced by smartphone users everyday, causes and how to tackle them.
Let's go...
Problem #1 Overheating

When your phone overheats,which is rarely an issue, it is because you overloaded the hardware (CPUs and GPUs).

This in turn cripples your android/iPhone processes.

In the same manner, this can happen with excessive multitasking, demanding apps, using your phone under direct sunlight, Bluetooth etc.

What threat does this pose?

It damages your battery and physically damages your SoC (system on chip)--this houses the GPU and CPU--slowing how your phone processes information.

What can you do to prevent this?

Don't use demanding apps. Avoid completely running your battery down to zero percent and charging to 100. Do not charge, use or leave your phone under direct sunlight. 

Problem #2 Lag
Nobody loves a sleek smartphone that fails to keep up. Gamers despise it. Developers despise. Even regular users. It makes us feel slow. Worse, even stupid when we're with friends.

Probable cause?

Lag on smartphones are usually caused by resource-hungy apps running in background. These consume enough RAM, slowing down your phone.

Insufficient memory is another speed killer. This one particularly, is ignored by most users. When your phone hits around 80% of it's device capacity, it begins to show signs of lag.

In addition, you can experience lags on your device when you play incompatible or demanding games.

What's the solution?

Always clear up your storage space when your smartphone issues you warnings.
Install Wakelock Director to monitor resource-hungry apps running in background. Wakelock helps you to accumulate app usage statistic, showing use the highest battery-draining app in order.

Game boosters are good tools for releasing some free RAM for your game performance. Use them to boost your game performance. If problem persists, try reinstalling the game or clean the game cache. 

Problem #3 Games Not Working
When your favorite game refuses to launch after making several taps, it can be irritating. It can be irksome, especially for game enthusiasts.

Why is this happening?

A number of issues are partly responsible for this. Some include problems 1 and 2 above. Others could be insufficient RAM, memory, incompatibility and outdated software.

Can this be fixed?

Yes. Yes it can.
Restart yourphone when you experience this. If the problem persists, check for new software updates if you haven't updated your phone for a while. Still no luck, update the game or clear the game's cached data.

What smartphone problems have thrown you off balance before? How did you fix them? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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