Standard Mathematics Questions!!Get prepared!Solved!

Standard Mathematics Questions

Maths have always been a problem to most students. Yet, some are still smiling brilliantly when ever they come across the subject matter (Mathematics).
Below are few  mathematics questions you need to get yourself acquainted with for better performance.

1.     Chris sells gaskets. On three sales, Chris has received commissions of $385, $70, and $190, and he has one additional sale pending. If Chris is to receive and average (arithmetic mean) commission  of exactly $220 on the four sales, then the fourth commission must be:
A.    $135
B.    $155
C.     $220
D.    $235
E.     $645
2.     In an effort to plan out expenses, the Roberts family is representing its annual budget as a circle graph. Each sector of the graph is proportional to the amount of the budget it represents. If “clothes and shoes’ takes up 54o  of the chart, how much of the Roberts’s $20,000annual budget is dedicated to clothes and shoes?
A.    $1,500
B.    $3,000
C.     $4,000
D.    $5,000
E.     $5,400
3.     Over a three-week pound, the price of an ounce of gold increased by 25% in the following week, and decreased by 20% in the second week, 5% in the third week. If the price of the gold was G dollars per ounce at the beginning of the three weeks, what was the price, in terms of G, at the end of the three weeks?
A.    0.95G
B.    G
C.     1.05G
D.    1.1G
E.     1.15G
4.     The table below shows the enrollment in various classes at a certain college.
Although no student is enrolled in all three classes, 15 are enrolled in both  Biology and Physics, 10 are enrolled in both Biology and Calculus, and 12 are enrolled in both Physics and Calculus. How many different students are in the three classes?
A.    51
B.    88
C.     90
D.    125
E.     162
5.     In a nationwide poll, P people were asked 2 questions. If 2/5 answered “yes” to question 1, and of those 1/3 also answered “yes” to question 2, which of the following represents the number of people polled who did not answer “yes” to both question?
A.    2/15P
B.    3/5 P
C.     3/4 P
D.    5/6 P
E.     13/15 P
6.     Sam is training for the marathon. He drove 12 miles from his home to the Grey Hills Park and then ran 6 miles to Red Rock, retraced his path back for 2 miles, and then ran 3 miles to Rock Creek. If he is then n miles from home, what is the range of possible values for n?
A.    1≤n≤23
B.    3≤n≤21
C.     5≤n≤19
D.    6≤n≤18
E.     9≤n≤15
7.     If a copier makes 3 copies every 4 seconds, then continues at this rate, how many minutes will it take to make 9,000 copies?
A.    60
B.    100
C.     120
D.    200
E.     3,000
8.     To be considered grade AA, an egg must weigh between 75 and 90 grams, including the shell. Shells of grade AA eggs weigh between 3 and 5 grams. What is the smallest possible mass, in grams, of a 12-egg omelet, assuming that only grade AA eggs are used, the shells are all discarded, and no mass is lost in the cooking process?
A.    800
B.    840
C.     864
D.    900
E.     1,080
9.     In a certain growth fund, 3/5 of the investment capital is invested in stocks, and of that portion, 1/3 is invested in preffered stocks. If the mutual fund has $846,000 invested in preffered stocks, what is the total amount of money invested in the fund?
A.    $1,974,000
B.    $2,538,000
C.     $3,264,000
D.    $3,826,000
E.     $4,230,000
10.                       A standard Veggiematik machine can chop 36 carrots in 4 minutes. How many carrots can 6 standard Veggiematik machines chop in 6 minutes?
A.    36
B.    54
C.     108
D.    216
E.     324
11.                       A group of 7 fishermen chartered a boat for a day to fish for flounder. The boat costs x dollars per day to rent. If the group can find 3 more fishermen omn the docks who are willing to come aboard and share the rental costs, how much less will the rental cost be per person in terms of x?
A.    x/70
B.    x/35
C.     3x/70
D.    3x/10
E.     3 x/7
12.                       The size of a flat-screen television is given as the length of the screen’s diagonal. How many square inches greater is the screen of a square 34-inch flat-screen television that a square 27-inch flat-screen television.
A.    106.75
B.    213.5
C.     427
D.    729
E.     1,156
13.                       A certain truck uses 18 gallons of diesel fuel in traveling 270 miles. In order for the truck to travel the same distance using 10 gallons of diesel fuel,  by how many miles per gallon must the truck’s fuel mileage be increased?
A.    8
B.    9
C.     12
D.    15
E.     27
14.                       Phyl’s Discount Footwear sells all pairs of shoes for one price and all pairs of boots for another price. On Monday the store sold 22 pairs of shoes and 16 pairs of boots for $650. On Tuesday the store sold 8 pairs of shoes and 32 pairs of boots cost that pairs of shoes at Phyl’s Discount Footwear?
A.    $2.50
B.    $5.00
C.     $5.50
D.    $7.50
E.     $15.00
15.                       For any 3 given numbers, which of the following is always equivalent to adding the 3 number together and then dividing the sum by 3?
I.                   Ordering the 3 numbers numerically, from highest to lowest, and then selecting the middle number.
II.               Dividing each of the number by 3 and then adding the results together.
III.            Multiplying each number by 6, adding the resulting products together, and then dividing the sum by 9.
A.    I only
B.    II only
C.     I and II only
D.    II and III only
E.     None of the above
16.                       A hat company ships its hats, individually wrapped, in 8-inch by 10-inch by 12-inch boxes. Each hat is valued at $7.50. If the company’s latest order required a truck with at least 288,000 cubic inches of storage space in which to ship the hats in their boxes, what was the minimum value of the order?
A.    $960
B.    $1,350
C.     $1,725
D.    $2,050
E.     $2,250

1.     D
2.     B
3.     C
4.     B
5.     E
6.     C
7.     D
8.     B
9.     E
10. E
11.  C
12. B
13.   C
14.    B
15.    B
16.     E
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