How to Verify a Nigerian PayPal Account

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As a universally recognized banking medium, PayPal doesn’t need to be introduced to those who are already conversant with modern banking. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting to briefly state the use of a PayPal account.

A PayPal account is an expeditious banking facility for making online payments for products purchased or services enjoyed. PayPal currently operates in nearly all the countries across the globe.

This article focuses on how to verify a Nigerian PayPal account. After registering for a Nigerian PayPal account, you’re required to verify it before you can start funding it. By the way, this very article will guide you on all the steps to verify your newly registered Nigerian PayPal account.

Steps to Verify a Nigerian PayPal Account

Ø  First and foremost, you’re required to activate your newly registered PayPal account

Ø  To do this, follow the activation link you received in your email account

Ø  Also, it is compulsory that you connect your Nigerian Visa card or Master card with the newly registered PayPal account

Ø  With the above noted, comply with the steps below to activate your PayPal account

Ø  Sign in to the email address you provided for the PayPal registration

Ø  Look for the email on PayPal and click on it

Ø  This opens the email and to complete the activation, tap the option implying Activate My Account

Ø  With this done, your account will be activated. Likewise, you will have a first-time login permission to use your PayPal

Ø  As you’re automatically logged in, look for the option implying get verified. Click on this option

Ø  Then click on another option indicating Link a card

Ø  Here, you’re required to input the details of your Master/Visa card

Ø  Provide the required details and click on the Save button to complete the process (NOTE: Doing this will cause your account to be debited with $1.95. The account implied here is the one associated with the Visa/Master card you’re linking with the PayPal account. Meanwhile, you have nothing to lose because the $1.95 deducted will be refunded in a matter of hours. In that case, it is only meant to confirm that you’re the actual owner of theVisa/Master card. Provided with this deduction is a code –a 4-digit confidential code you will use in verifying the Visa/Master card)

Ø  Immediately the 4-digit code has been sent to you through your bank, sign in to your PayPal account

Ø  Then click on confirm credit card

Ø  Fill in the code and proceed with the next step (NOTE: This code comes as a 4-digit number preceded by PP* in the SMS sent to you by your bank)

Ø  With the steps above completed, you have successfully verified your Nigerian PayPal account

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