How to Recover Lost Data on Mac

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With the help of specific data recovery tools, it becomes easy to recover lost files on Mac operating systems. If you’re a Mac user who recently lost some important files whether accidentally or through other means, you don’t have to panick because Cisdem Data Recovery is just the professional software tool designed for you to retrieve any lost data. It is still possible to retrieve the lost files whether they have been emptied from the Trash bin or not.

As implied earlier, Cisdem Data Recovery is the efficient software designed for you to retrieve lost or deleted files (such as documents, songs, photos, etc.) from USB drives, micro SD cards, emptied Trash and even the hard drives of your Mac operating system. As a Mac user who wishes to recover deleted files, you’re strongly cautioned to ensure that your lost files have not been overwritten by new ones otherwise it might become difficult to restore the lost files.

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Steps Required to Recover lost Data on Mac Operating System

Ø  Download and install Cisdem Data Recovery

Ø  Run the software on your computer

Ø  The main window displays two options which are Deep Scan and Quick Scan (NOTE: Quick Scan runs a hasty scan of your computer while Deep Scan scans your computer thoroughly but might take a few minutes. You can choose either of the two options –Quick Scan and Deep Scan –based on your preference. Meanwhile, each of the two options has its own use and can be very useful in certain conditions)

Ø  It is highly recommended that you choose Deep Scan particularly in order to recover all the lost files

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Ø  After choosing Deep Scan, a new page emerges

Ø  On the new page, select Open

Ø  With this done, all the storage devices on your PC will be displayed on your screen

Ø  Now you will have to choose the actual drive from which you are to retrieve the lost files

Ø  To begin the scan, scroll downwards and select Scan (This is denoted with a blue icon at the bottom right side )

Ø  With the scan completed successfully, the lost files detected by the recovery tool will be displayed

Ø  Take a look at the detected files to discover the lost file(s) you need to retrieve

Ø  After discovering one, you’re allowed to preview it and find out if it may be absolutely recovered

Ø  From the detected files, select all the ones you wish to retrieve and choose the location you want to save them in

Ø  To save them in the chosen location, select the Recover button
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