Top 6 Legitimate Businesses You Can Start as a Nigerian

Nigeria is blessed with a rich land that houses enormous resources. Other than this, the country is endowed with massive business potentials and that is why many foreigners have made it their mainstay of business fortune.You might love this[ Verified Hacks! Here is How To Build Successful Online Business Venture ]

Unfortunately, many Nigerians hardly capitalize on the business benefits in Nigeria. Instead of harnessing these benefits, they go out of the country in search of business opportunities in foreign lands.

In this article, we would like to draw your attention on few of the businesses Nigerians can engage in and carve out massive benefits without having to desert their fatherland. Also noteworthy is that all the businesses listed here are legitimate sources of income which do not require cyber-theft or gambling. So, read on to find out the numerous businesses available to you as a Nigerian.


Although many young Nigerians assume this occupation is beneath their status, records have shown that the class of rich Nigerians is largely dominated by agriculturists. As implied here, the word ``agriculturists’’ underlies the business moguls who have achieved remarkable feats within and outside Nigeria by engaging in agricultural segments such as Cassava Production, Poultry Farming, Sale of Cash Crops, Garri Processing and lots more.

Agriculture encompasses great opportunities and as God would have it, many passionate people have taken advantage of this idea to generate enormous wealth for themselves. As a good example, the name of Nigeria’s and Africa’s richest man (Aliko Dangote) amazingly occupies the mind.


By way of saying petroleum, we simply mean one of Nigeria’s massive endowments. Since Nigeria is immensely rich in crude oil, business-minded Nigerians can make the best out of this privilege. If you have an unbending passion for making your own prestigious income out of Nigeria’s massive oil deposit, you could establish a filling station and engage in the sale and distribution of oil to customers in nearby and distant locations.

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If you however think you should maintain a humble starting point due to your small capital, you could establish a small-scale business concerned with buying and selling diesel, gas or probably kerosene.


Haulage business involves the transport and delivery services rendered by owners of vehicles or any other mediums of transportation. Certainly, this business marks one of the best things you can engage in as regards Nigerians’ high dependence on the road transport system. Practically, you can purchase trucks, delivery vans or any other transportation-specific vehicles with which you can initiate your haulage business.


If you think you have the idea of rendering professional services as a cook, you can set up an eatery with the help of your sufficient capital. However, bear in mind that this business demands thorough decision-making and managerial abilities just for it to thrive. With respect to this, you’re strongly advised to consider the location of your eatery, its nearness to your target audience and the choice of food that potentially drives in customers.


This business is one of the best online mediums through which you can make money. One important thing about this business is that the internet is your mainstay of generating customers and business fortune. Even without prior understanding of this business, you could contact a skilled agent/firm engaged in this. 

Meanwhile, this will enhance your ability to obtain the required knowledge.
One of the advantages of e-commerce is that it doesn’t require a very huge capital for start-up. Likewise, you have the opportunity to make immediate changes in case there is need to do so. Besides that, you can even estimate your profit or your business standards through the cost strategies relating to online marketing.


You might feel this is beneath your dignity but the fact is that snail rearing is one of the Nigerian businesses that could be started with small capital. In that case, you wouldn’t invest so huge since snails will live well under moderate vegetation. Meanwhile, this business is of great benefits because snails can reproduce massively as long as they are under better vegetation.

However, this business requires great caution because snails are not very strong and must be given proper housing and care. Undeniably, snail rearing is considered one of the less competitive businesses and that is just why you can make massive income from it.

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