How to Secretly Record Videos with your Android Smartphone

Among the features or abilities of your Android Smartphone are features that you probably did not know about. Your Android smartphone is loaded with features that are both annoying and wow – a sophisticated device if you ask me and in case you don't know, your Android device is like a world in your hands or pocket.

I'm sure you know how to record videos with your android phone – of course, it's no news that an android phone can record videos, any phone can do that so long it has a camera but going deeper and with a third-party app, you can secretly record videos with your android phone without anyone knowing.

You may ask why do you need to record secret videos – well depending on you, there might be a time when you need to record secret videos, it may just be for fun or to spy on someone in a security case or when your phone is with someone other than you.

The inbuilt camera app of your smartphone cannot record videos without opening the app and it is no more secret when the app is opened. Now how can this be done? We'll need a third-party app that will gain access to your phone's camera and work in the background. If you go to Google play store and search for secret video apps, you will discover a lot of them including the fake ones and the paid ones.

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I'll be sharing with you the type of app I use for secret video which works fine and is free to download but before you follow this tutorial, I recommend you first check if your phone is compatible with the app. Download the app from here.

The app is called Secret Video Recorder, it has both free and pro version but with the free version you can record videos in full HD, 60 minutes duration, no camera shutter sound, and can switch between front and back camera – and yes it has all the features that make it a secret recorder.

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After downloading the app, follow these steps to record your first secret video
  • Launch the app and tap on the alarm icon
  • Set the time/date to start recording automatically, duration of record, select the camera you would like to use and click on save.
  • Exit the app and it will automatically start recording when it gets to the time you set.
  • You can further make other settings like selecting the folder to save your videos, turn on/off audio and select orientation.
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