Simple Steps To Backup Your Blogger Blog Without Stress

If you've  practically refuse to  backup your blog because of one reason or the other, frankly, you are wrong.

Will you like to know Frightening fact about bloggers?
Top bloggers are extremely hardworking, mostly at the initial stage. After incalculable periods of effort committed to your blog, you wake one early morning and discover that all your blog post/content is gone, basically because you didn’t back up your blog.
 Similarly, your web host may perhaps experience a server malfunction, or your domain registration could expire. You might delete the blog by accident, or do so on purpose but regret it later. You might  possibly be hacked, fallaciously reported for a terms of service violation.

With all of these risks mentioned above, backing up your blog has become an indispensable preventative measure that you  need to take. consequently, if you haven’t already set up a backup system for your blog, Kindly follow this guidelines in order  to backup your blogger blog easily without stress.

The Import & Export feature in Blogger is now live and can be accessed from the Settings tab of your Blogger dashboard.
With “Export Blog,” you can without difficulty fashion out  a complete backup of your Blogger blog on to the hard drive and this may come handy in situations when you unintentionally delete some old blog post or if Google blocks your blog due to policy violations – at least you’ll have a local copy of all the content that you may publish in a different place.
How to Backup your Blogger Blog
Open your Blogger dashboard and choose Settings  and proceed to Other. See Screen short below

 At this point you’ll see an option that says “Export Blog” – click the link and it will immediately download a copy of your blog posts and comments to the hard disk in Atom (XML) format.

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