Google AdSense Latest Update : Avoid Been Banned

Google AdSense Latest Update : Avoid Been Banned

Google AdSense is currently the number one online pay per click advertising program that let you easily monetize your blog and make reasonable amount of money.
But users and clients all over the world are always on thier toes, because of the rigid Google AdSense terms and policies. Nigerians are really facing the consequence of this ever changing and Dynamic policy, although my knowledge of "Change is a constant flux" is still in tact. If your in deed a money making webpreneur Or simply a blogger that earns with Google AdSense, you must be constantly on the look out for latest updates concerning Google AdSense policy or risk been permanently banned from using their program.
So many Nigerians are now on the search for Google AdSense accounts to buy. "Google Adsense Ultimate Search " lol..the price ranges from 5000-20000,and even higher depending on whether it is a hosted or Non hosted Google AdSense account. Another disturbing issue is, the issue of Google AdSense account pin Verification. I have never seen anybody in Nigeria who had the privilege to verify his Google AdSense account directly after waiting for 2-4 weeks, after Google AdSense team dispatched the designated pin for verification to your specified addresses on your Adsense account. I don't know why Nigerians are still facing this issues. But oppening and verifying Google AdSense account from the US and UK is as simple as ABC. But not to worry, we all believe this era of struggle will soon end.

This faithful morning while I was preparing my breakfast and counting my gains one after the other, I recieved a mail from Jeremy Shomoney. A top blogger who earns millions of dollars online in a month. So many top bloggers  and webmasters in Nigeria should know him..don't you ? In his mail, it was containing this;

Brian Axe (product lead for Google AdSense) spills the beans with some suprising tactics on how to make the most money on your site with Google AdSense!
Check out my live interview with him here or download the mp3:

After listening to the audio (Mp3)  interview session held with the Google AdSense  team member for product and content outreach, based on my understanding of who he is . I discovered that more  information was spelled out relating latest Google AdSense terms and conditions regarding Adsense Ads placement near a photo (prohibited). Third party ads placement is also getting fround by Google because of competition and closeness of ads, which seemingly looks identical. So many advertisers trust Google AdSense and love clicking on Ads that is coming from Google, so if they end up been deceived, it becomes a problem, according to Brian Axe.

In order not to get banned from using Google AdSense, please carefully listen to this Audio interview session with Brian Axe from Google AdSense and implement the latest update to avoid unnecessary negative action on your account.

If you check properly on my site here, you will notice that  Google AdSense Ads are currently not displaying, this is because am still waiting for my Google verification pin. This is the third (3) time am applying and by 22nd of this month (22/09/2015) I will be uploading Valid identifying documents inorder to get my Google AdSense  account fully approved and ads running.My first Google Adsense account was wrongly banned by Adsense  team few months back, and after series of mails I identified some mistakes on my part. The Google AdSense account that was banned had $70 as the balance, but to me it was a well taught lesson, so I won't get banned the second time. So after that incidence, I decided to make a full print of the Google AdSense policy and saved it in my data base as  a PDF file for easy readability. What I do always is to ensure that I get updated constantly on the latest changes in Google AdSense policy.

Click here to Download the Mp3 Version of the interview between Show money and  Brian axe

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