Physical and Health Education Examination Question for JSS1

 JSS 1     
          SUBJECT: PHE      
       TIME: 2HOURS

         Answer all questions
1.     _______is the father of physical education in Nigeria? (a) H.J. Ekperigin (b) Anthony Omo – Osagie (c) Dr Awotunde Eleyaethe skill
2.     Modern physical education was brought to Nigeria by_______ (a) Indian Calisthemics (b) early missionaries and British Colonialists (c) Chinese acrobats
3.     ___________ introduced handball game (a) Conra koch (b) Ajiboye (c)hollandio
4.     Handball game was originated in the year________ (a) 1940(b) 1230 (c)12 29
5.     Basketball is a game played by two teams of__________ tplayers (a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 5
6.     Shooting is a skill in one of these game (a) football (b) Ba­­­­­sketball (c) volleyball
7.     Basketball was introduced in the year________ (a) 1891 (b) 1986 (c) 1981

8.     Which of the is the requirements for handballers (a)agility (b) team spirit (c)  A&B
9.     Total fitness is achievied through __________ (a)regular exercises  (b) praying (c) Dancing
10_________ is physical exercise that develops and shows the strength of the body and   
             ability to move and bend easily (a) Gymnastic (b) flogging (c) Aquarium
      11  Gymnastic can be performed on the ______ and ______ (a) earth and heaven (b)   
floor and water (c) floor and apparatus
      12   Walking, running, hopping are activities in gymnastic. (a) floor (b) apparatus (c) no  
      13  A person who takes part in Gymnastics is called __________ (a) jino (b) Gino 
      14  Swinging, vaulting and skipping are activities performed on the ____ (a) apparatus (b)
             water (c) trees
      15.Yam is an example of ____ (A) protein (b) vitamins (c) energy – giving food
      16_________ are the types of food necessary for growth and development in a man (a)      
           Oligarchy (b) Nutrients (c) Classes
     17______ protect the body against diseases. (a) Vitamin(b) carbohydrates (c) Fluxin
     18_______ are the tiny living things that cause diseases in the body. (a) traffics (b)
           synonyms (c) pathogens
     19  A ______ is an instrument that make very small objects big enough for the eyes to   
           see. (a) thermometer (b) microscope  (c) A and B
    20   An example of water borne disease is ________ (a) headache (b) cholera (c) yellow  
1.     _________ is the use of drug without the doctor’s prescription (a) Drug abuse (b) normal (c) Alcoholic
2.     Which of these drugs is dangerous to human healthy? (a) Blood tonic (b) Indian Hemp (c) Paracetamol
3.     Which of these spreads disease through contact with the skin? (a) mosquito (b) bee (c) housefly
4.     Eating of contaminated food and fruits can cause disease like ________ (a) headache (b) malaria (c) dysentery

Answer all questions
1.      (a) list and explain the six classes of food
(b)Classify food base on their functions
2.      (a) List and explain 5 equipment and facilities of Badminton
(b) What are the worming up activities you engage in before partaking in field events?
3.      (a) Write out the skills and techniques in Basketball
(b) When is a good service is done in volley ball
4.      (a) Define the following terms:
(i)                Volleying
(ii)             Blocking
(iii)           Spiking

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