P.H.E and BASIC TECH Examination Questions for Junior Secondary Schools

P.H.E and  BASIC TECH Examination Questions for Junior Secondary Schools

CLASS: J.S.S. 2                                                  

•         Environmental pollution is the contamination of air, water and land from man – made_______ (a) waste (b) goods (c) air (d) vapour
•         Which of these is not a type of environmental pollution______ (a) air pollution (b) land pollution (c) noise pollution (d) school pollution

•         The release of chemicals and particles into the atmosphere is called (a) land pollution (b) noise pollution (c) thermal pollution (d) air pollution
•         Which of these is not a cause or source of pollution________ (a) plastic factories (b) hospital (c) chemical plants (d) none of the above
•         Which of these postural defect is referred to as “round back”? (a) falt foot (b) kyphosis (c) Lordosis (d) rigidspine (e) scohosis
•         Which of the factor is not responsible for poor posture (a) accidents (b)ALL equate diet (c) bad postural habits (d) fatigue (e) illness
•         Which of these is not a postual defect? (a) flat foot (b) kyphosis (c) long legs (d) low hip (e) scoliosis
•         School health is an integral part of________ (a) national health (b) international health (c) community health (d) none of the
•         The school health programme has been conveniently divided into_________ parts (a) 17 (b) 5 (c) 3 (d) 12


•                  1a. Mentions five facilities and Basketball equipments for a Basketballers
•                  b.   Name five requirement for Basketballers
•                  2. Mention and explain four the rules and regations
•                  b. List five postural defects
•                  3. What is environmental pollution?
•                  b. Name four types of environmental pollution
•                  4. List five equipment of Handball
•                  b..List factors responsible for poor posture
•                  5a. Characteristics of What does the Acronyms stands for “FRESH”
•                  b.  List the causes of postural defects

CLASS: J.S.S.3                                                                         

As a final class in the Junior Secondary School, you are expected to answer seven questions in all
•                  Answer at least one question from this section
•                  Define Ferrous and Non – farrous metal
•                  b. What does “Malleable” means
•                  c. Name 5 forms of metals
•                  State three properties of ceramics
•                  b. Name the two types of plastics and distinguish between them
•                  List the examples of tools used for the following
•                  Measuring
•                  Cutting
•                  b. State the uses of fixed work bench
•                  A boy pushes a load of mass 10kg to a distance of 20meter in 10 seconds. Calculate:
•                  The work done
•                  Energy needed
•                  Power
•                  Name the basic electronic components
Answer any three

•                  Name the types of building
•                  b. List the uses of buildings
•                  Define communication
•                  b. Write the full meaning of the following
•                  GSM
•                  SIM
•                  PIN
•                  BSC
•                  HLR
•                  Define the term “Internet”
•                  b. List four advantages of internet
•                  c. List five services available on the internet
•                  List 5 uses of wood
•                  Define a motor
•                  Constructing a pentagon using the two – triangular rule
•                  What are the types of maintenance

Answer at least two from this section

•                  Define the process of soldering
•                  b. List three kinds of soft solder
•                  List 5 machine tools
•                  Define first and third angle or tho-graphic projections
•                  What is Timber
•                  Explain the following terms
•                  Felling of trees
•                  Wood conversion
•                  Wood preservation

CLASS: J.S.S. 3                                                  

•                  All of these are benefits of physical exercise on human heart except (a) creating greater volume of their heart (b) increasing the size of the heart (c) reducing the muscles of the heart
•                  The Olympic games comes up every________ (a) 10 (b) 6 (c) 4 (d) 2
•                  ________was the father of modern olympic games (a) baron pierre de coubertion (b) Thomas wood (c) John locke
•                  The javelin is throw into a sector of__________ (a) 600 (b) 390 (c) 280 (d) 400
•                  A scientist defined_________ as the ability to work (a) energy (b) power (c) electricity
•                  The primary source of energy used for muscular activities in__________ (a) carbohydrates (b) vitamins (c) protein
•                  The ancient Olympics festival was banned in the year_________ (a) 1896AD (b) 776BC (c) 394AD
•                  What is the full meaning of NUGA (a) National Universities Garvas (b) Association for Nigeria Universities Games (c) Associated Games of Athletics
•                  Exercise  helps the body...............................(a)fit (b)vigorous (c)Heavy
•                  The competition performed by university students is called__________ (a) Nuga (b) Nipoga (c) Nngap
•                  The duration of the game of Basketball(a)40mins (b) 60mins (c) 70mins (d) 90mins
•                  The following are skills in hockey except________ (a) passing (b) dribbling (c) stopping (d) contact
•                  One of the following is not an equipment used in the game of Basketball(a)ball (b) Net (C) jungle shoe
•                  Which of the following is not among the basic skills in basketball(a) drbilling (b) shooting (c) Dancing
•                  ________is a basic unit of the society (a) family (b) church (c) shrine
•                  The foster family is made up the husband, wife and their__________ (a)uncle (b) friends (c) children
•                  Physical education is as old as .............________ (a) menarche (b) Man (c) bleeding
•                  which of the following is not a benefit of first aid........................(a) Hastens permanent disability (b) improre chancesof recovery (c) prevents loss of blood  
•                  Freedom from disease, ability to endure strength and ability are visible signs of_______ (a) physical alertron (b) physical fitness (c) physical sensibility
•                   Fatigue means______________ (a) lack of interest      (b) excessive tiredness     (c) unwilling

Answer any 3 questions (No 1 is compulsory)

•                  Write out the nature of the game of Basketball
•                  (b) Write any four passes in Basketball game
•                  (a) What is first aid?
•                  (b) Mention two objectives of first-aid
•                  (c) list five qualities of a good first aider
•                  (a) list five contents of first aid box
•                  (b) List five common sports injuries
•                  Write the full of the of the following
•                  NUGA
•                  WHO
•                  NIPOGA
•                  FASU
•                  NICEGA

•                  5.write short note  on the following
•                  Sport injury
•                  Total fitness
•                  Chest pass
•                  Physical fitness

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