5 Browser Extensions every Blogger must have

Browsers Extension
You would agree with me that a Blogger cannot do without a Web Browser. Every blogger uses a web browser and will continue using it for as long as He/she keeps blogging.

However, a blogger's web browser should look different from the web browser of an ordinary web user because a blogger is a webmaster and a webmaster uses different extensions and tools alongside his web browser to get the best of his website and the web in its entirety.

The recommended web browser for a blogger is Chrome but you can use others like Mozilla or UC browser and they’ll work just fine. Whichever browser you use, they all support extensions and plugins.

There are some extensions specially designed for webmasters and if you take blogging seriously, you must have these extensions/plugins (Chrome is my default browser so I’ll be using the word ‘extensions’) at your disposal. Actually, a blogger can have as many extensions as possible but in this article, I’m going to discuss only five important ones you need as a blogger. Follow me:


Grammarly is a tool for writers and of course, a blogger is also a writer. Grammarly makes your writing easy by correcting spelling errors. One thing that spoils a blog is spelling errors in a post and when your content is filled with errors, you stand a chance of losing your readers that’s why you need Grammarly to protect you from errors.

Grammarly has both free and premium features. The premium feature offers Vocabulary enhancement suggestions, Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages, and other pro features but you’ll do just fine with the free version.

Grammarly extension integrates into the text box of every web page you visit. If you use blogger editor for writing your post, you’ll see Grammarly icon at the bottom right of the text box.

Grammarly is available on Chrome web store.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is a tool for taking screenshots while browsing, saving an entire web page and recording videos. A blogger needs this since most bloggers give tutorials/How Tos and might need to show some web pages for illustrations.

To add awesome screenshot extension to your browser, head to Chrome's web store or click here.


MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP, allows you quickly assess the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site or page, find and highlight keywords on a page and differentiate links by type (i.e. followed, no-followed, external, or internal), etc.

Upgrading to the pro version gives you access to premium features like keyword difficulty score for any search term on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and instant web page optimization and content suggestions for any keyword on any web page.

Download MozBar Extension from here.


Pinterest allows you save web pages or images to your Pinterest profile so you can check them later. Pinterest can also help generate traffic to your blog by pinning your post and images. Pinterest has millions of users and if your pins get to users who are interested in it, they tend to click on it and get directed to your blog.

Download Pinterest Extension from here.


SEOquake is similar to MozBar but it’s completely free. SEOquake allows you to get a full analysis of SERP such as keyword difficulty. It also adds a toolbar to the top of the browser window that shows core metrics like Google index and links, Bing index, SEMrush backlinks, Alexa ranks, social media shares such as Google+ and Facebook and allows you compare URLs.

Download SEOquake from here.

Top Types of Power Banks to Purchase

Photo: Pixabay
If you’re finally going the portable charging route then it’s best to know what you’re doing first. By that I mean go ahead and read this guide on what info that’s important before you go purchase a rightly priced power bank. Since there are a few factors that are important to know about. With that said, I have rounded up the most useful types of power banks to own and how each of these portable chargers is going to provide lots of value to you.

Just know that there are lots of other types of chargers out on the market that you may or may not find more useful. The ones in this list have specific attributes that make them a great candidate for purchasing if you actually do like the features that they have.

=>Power Banks with Lots of Power
Power Banks with lots of Power efficacy
Portable charging is already very convenient because we have lots of devices that are wireless so we can charge them using a power bank. When we have a lot of power to use while we’re on-the-go, that’s when charging power on-the-go only becomes better.

It’s only fair that I explain the main flaw of high capacity power banks first which is them being larger and heavier than ones that have low capacities. A high power capacity means that usage of many many batteries is usually present and that ultimately leads to the increase in size and weight.
However, for everything else, these portable chargers are a lot more useful since they’re able to charge lots of devices to full power on just a single full charge. 

We’re talking about having 20,000mAh or beyond of power capacity and that can basically last you for about a week of constant use, possibly. One of the parts that come with a high capacity power bank is the use of many USB ports so you can charge lots of devices at once with them.
Speaking of charging, these powerful power bank also have powerful charging as most of them make use of special charging techs such as Quick Charge or Type-C. As a result, if you own compatible devices, then you should get a power bank with those charging technologies.

=>Power Banks that Own Charging Cables
High efficiency with Charging Cables
A charging cable is vital to have with a power bank. Sure, charging cables are needed with every charging electronic but since these chargers are portable, there’s a high chance that you could leave your house with your power bank but not your cable. Another thing is that always having a charging cable connected to a USB port with a power bank can be highly inconvenient as the cable can bend and eventually break.

That is why power banks with their own built-in cables are very convenient to own because the built-in cable is usually inserted within a mold of the power bank so it doesn’t get in the way. Also, the fact that you can always have a cable to use with your most used type of devices is something that will be very reliable to have.

There are some portable chargers that have two of their own cables and those types basically have double the reliability as they’re able to charge two types of devices; such as an iPhone or an Android smartphone. There are even some types of these power banks that have a USB port to use with cable for charging that you’ve got.

In addition to having a cable that is built-in to charge your devices, there are also power banks that have built-in parts to recharge themselves. These components usually include an AC Adapter or a USB-A cable.
=>Rugged Power Banks
Extreme resistance of a power packed bank
When we think of electronics we automatically think of devices that are fragile and not able to withstand harsh treatment. That is true because most electronic devices are able to withstand harsh treatment as they're not built for it. 

The same is the case for power banks; since regular portable chargers are not able to withstand falls to the ground or water exposure or else they’ll get damaged.
That is why Rugged portable chargers are so important to know about since they're the type of power banks that can handle things that normal ones have no chance of handling. 

Such as falling onto the hard ground; that is something Rugged power banks can survive with no problems because they have enough protection with their structure that they’re shockproof.

These tough chargers also have USB port coverings that are able to go over the USB ports and make the power bank fully waterproof. Although, just something to note is that just because a power bank is labeled as “waterproof” doesn’t mean that it can be submerged into the water as you have to know the Enclosure level is.

Author Bio:
Hey there, the name is Usman Haq. Blogging is something that I enjoy very much because I can contribute lots of content to people around the world. By creating content, I can basically help anyone seeking for answers. Take a visit to my site Charger Harbor to know more about power banks and other charging electronics that are available on the market.

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How to stop Windows 10 from Automatically Updating

Windows 10 was released in 2015 and has about 270 million users. Windows 10 is widely accepted and used because of its brilliant user interface and easy to use features. One thing I like about the windows 10 is its feature of not having to move to another screen to access some apps like Settings, Movies, Music, Photo, etc. unlike the Windows 8 and 8.1. 

READ THIS:How To Easily Download and Install Windows 10 Interface

However, there’s a common saying that nothing is perfect and that everything has both advantages and disadvantages but in the case of Windows 10, there seem to be more advantages than disadvantages. The disadvantage (might not really be a disadvantage to some people anyway) of Windows 10 is its feature of automatically updating Windows.

Windows update is present in previous versions of windows (7, 8, and 8.1) and there is an option for disabling automatic update. One would have expected the same for windows 10 but the reverse is the case.
Whenever you connect your PC to the internet, Windows 10 checks for updates and automatically downloads any updates found. This may not be good since updates are usually pretty large and sometimes we need to manage our data.

However, there is a way out and there are different ways to kill a rat. I’m going to show you how to stop windows 10 from automatically downloading updates and save your data. Take note that these steps I’m about to highlight will only work for wireless connection (i.e. Wi-Fi) and should be set for each connected networks.

Stop Windows 10 Automatic updates

Step 1: Connect your PC to the Wireless network. This should be the network in which you don’t want your PC to update when connected to it.

Step 2: Go to PC Settings and click on ‘Network & Internet’. (PC settings can be found by clicking on the Windows logo at the bottom left of the PC screen or pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or simply search for it using the search box on the taskbar).

Step 3: On the ‘Network & Internet’ page, select 'Wi-Fi' and you should see the Wireless network you’re connected to. Below it, click on ‘Advanced options’.

Step 4: On the ‘Advanced options’ page, click (turn on) on the toggle button below ‘Metered connection’ to set as metered connection.

Step 5: Voila! You’ve successfully stopped your PC from automatically updating Windows when connected to that network.

The above steps are guides to set a network as Metered connection. Metered connection is a feature of Windows 10 that allows you limit data usage by apps and conserve or manage your data. When Metered connection is turned on for a particular network, Windows won’t automatically download updates and other apps data usage will be controlled so your data doesn’t get finished quickly.

It is recommended to use this feature when using a limited data plan like data subscriptions from network providers (MTN, Glo, Airtel, etc.) but when connected to a public Wi-Fi, just leave it off.

If you like this post, help share with others. Your comments are also welcomed.

How to Send an Email to Facebook From Gmail

How to Send an Email to Facebook From Gmail
Do you know you can send Email to Facebook from Gmail account? With Facebook you can easily send email to several users.Although this feature has been in existence for long but there is something interesting about it  which I want to share with you guys today. Here is how to go about it:
1. Search for  the Facebook  contact address. You can check if the contact has sent you the address to use. But if that has not been done, its ok, you can navigate to the user's Facebook timeline and locate their public username at the end of their URL. For example,if the URL is  "http://facebook.com/user" the public username would be "user." This public username is the first part of the Facebook email address, so the email address would be "user@facebook.com."  Locating your Email address is very simple, I believe its stress free.
2. Click on the "Compose" button at the top of the left sidebar in your Gmail inbox to compose a new email.
3.  After completing step 2 above, type the Facebook email address in the "To" field.
4. Type the email's subject in the subject line as usual and type your email message in the main message text field.
5. Click the "Send" button below to send the message to the Facebook address. The message will arrive in your contact's Facebook "Messages" box.
Thats all for now

How To Locate Your Facebook Email Address (ID)

How To Locate Your Facebook Email Address (ID)

Locating your Facebook address can be worrisome  and challenging sometimes because of some barriers. Virtually all  Facebook users have access to their email address in the form of Facebook_ID@facebook.com. If your Facebook account has been hacked, here is how to recover it.

Once anybody sends an email to you, it will be routed directly to the user's Facebook message inbox.

However, if you know a friend or business contact's Facebook ID and want to locate her non-Facebook email address, you can use the ID to visit the associated profile. The contact information only appears if it is public or the user has made it viewable by you. The same for other details that the Facebook user might make private.

1. Log in to Facebook and click the address bar in your Web browser.

2. Make sure you have deleted all characters that appear to the right of the forward slash following "Facebook.com."

3. Type the Facebook ID of the user whose email address you want to find and  immediately press "Enter" on your keyboard. This navigates your browser to the user's Facebook profile.

How to Download YouTube videos Faster than anyone

4. Click "About" in the user's profile to view all of the available information about that user.

5. Scroll down the page until you see the "Contact Info" section. If an "Email" field appears there, all of the user's email addresses visible to you are adjacent to it.

DPR Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2017 – recruitment.dpr.gov.ng

The DPR Recruitment  service has Shortlisted Candidates  for the 2017 –recruitment.dpr.gov.ng. 

Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Recruitment  has Shortlisted Candidates for 2016/2017.
This is to vertically inform all applicants who applied for the Department of Petroleum Resources Recruitment  for the 2016/2017  phase  and also those who desire to know when the list of shortlisted candidates for DPR recruitment will be out. 

The long waited list is out!!! However, several complaints and issues have been reported. Ranging from change in universities, pending application submission and so much more.

More so,  we bring this public notice to inform you that the List of shortlisted candidates for DPR Recruitment is out online and everyone can check if his or her name has been shortlisted for screening.

Here comes an outline steps to Check  if youve been Shortlisted for the 
DPR Recruitment 

In addition, DPR is currently sending aptitude test invitation to successful candidates who applied for their recruitment exercise last year. Applicants are to check their registered email addresses for the invitation or their phone massage inbox as the invitation were also sent via SMS.

Candidates are to check for the details of the aptitude test through the DPR Application Portal [http://recruitment.dpr.gov.ng].

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) regulates and ensures sustainable development of Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.


Here is a way out: If you have previously created an account on the portal and can’t access your dashboard, click on the forgot password link on the home page or click here to get a link to reset your password. You will be prompted for your email address which you used at the point of registration, enter your email address and click the send password reset link button. You should get an email with a link that redirects you to reset your password. Click the link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

We recommend you use a password you can easily remember to sign in to the portal.

: The attention of DPR Nigeria has been drawn to allegations of dubious persons who are exploiting the recent newspaper advertisements of employment vacancies by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in attempting to deceive unsuspecting Nigerians into parting with huge sums of money for bogus promises of offering some advantage in the ongoing recruitment process.

We hereby wish to state categorically that at no time has the Department employed or engaged any persons, agents, contractors or consultants to act as intermediaries in this recruitment exercise.

If you need us to help you with information at the right time about List of shortlisted candidates for Department of Petroleum Resources, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question pertaining to this article.

What’s your take on this? We believe this article was helpful, if yes, don’t hesitate to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google plus.

JST Team

WARNING! Don’t Attain to Any Call from this WEBSITES Pertaining to any Job or Scholarship Offer Requiring Money.

AUTHOR: Jude Oluwoye--Correspondent Writer for Jaysciencetech.

Hacks on How To Monetize Your Time Online With Google AdSense

Blogging has undeniably transformed into a profession and there is absolute need for accuracy and precision  when publishing and auditing. One of the easiest and lucrative means of monetizing your blog as a newbie blogger, even the experienced is through Google  AdSense. Lots of bloggers still look for Adsense alternative as a way of survival should they be be blocked or face untimely suspension for Google Adsense as this happens regularly.

However, there are lots of practical  online webmasters and publishers that make/earn thousands of dollars through AdSense advertisements on their websites religiously without applying any tricks.

Furthermore, in order to generate the money you desire working online, it requires dedication, consistency and hard-work.

Here are top 5 hacks to put you in the right direction while running AdSense campaigns for maximum revenue generation/actualization
1. Integrate High-Converting AdSense ads. I usually advice online marketers to run Experiment with their blogs. Try the big rectangle or square ads format. Due to its attractiveness, we usually see better click-through rates. Why pick this layout out of the countless that may be available? This is practically, due to the fact that advertisements looks so much like regular internet hyperlinks, and customers are genuinely familiar with them, and are most likely to interact with those links. They'll no longer even realize that they are near your AdSense! -Just so long as the traffic clicks keep coming, then everything will be at your gain.

2. Design a custom, attractive appearance to drive clients to your offer. When deciding on the best colour to use and apply, one should always ensure that they are going to be able to blend perfectly with your web site. if your web site has a white background,make sure you use white as your ad's coloration and history border. The idea of shade structuring is to make the AdSense look as if it is primarily part of the web pages. All-in-all: Clicks will definitely increase if you make the website, both appearance-wise and display.

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3. Transfer all AdSense ads from the lower part of the webpage to the top. Your AdSense is the money making machine and is what makes you money; without it in direct or vertical view, your ratings and traffic numbers/conversions could fall drastically. Arrange each one in a position where visitors can easily see them faster. It can be shocking how much more revenue AdSense could bring you, despite the minimal effort!

4. Preserve Hyperlinks to Niche-Related Sites. If your certainly afraid of F.O.M.O. (fear of more options), explore the online marketing space beforehand in order to get a good idea on what service(s) you will use. Take your campaign to your clients/visitors door step with your action and creativity. With this, online customers will receive instant exposure to your AdSense provided it is position properly with your relevant articles.

5. Engage in Paid Traffic. I n recent years, paid traffic have seen a tremendous boost and recommendation. Especially from social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, While its very hard to make this public, we've over the years lost precious time  trying to get traffic to our early internet marketing ventures using nothing but free methods and tricks; our results showed only a significantly slow growth/ return on investment. However, paid traffic (despite the small initial investment when it comes to buying the traffic) was what brought the conversions and sales to the next caliber. And the best part? By the first sale, we had already made our money back on the money we had originally invested into the traffic. The saying holds to when the old-timers say, "it takes money to make money." However, the payout is worth it!

How to Make $100 AdSense Profit Per Day From Entertainment News Blog

Most importantly, the paid traffic source served our online community  really good, having generated massive income based on investments and especially  for those who give their time-of-day to the process sometimes ranging in the thousands of dollars. One  important thing to keep in-mind would be that Google's mission with AdSense is to provide advertisements that suit the direct needs of the person-at-hand.

Additionally, let it be publicly known  that there are lots of marketers out there that have the same, exact AdSense niche that you do. Due to the competition in the niche market, you should really focus on creating a strong campaign with an effective source(s) of traffic. 

These top hacks may seem porous , but can make  the difference between making money or wasting your time.

African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) 2018

The African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC), established in 2010, is a continental development program that promotes youth volunteerism in Africa. The program aims to deepen the status of young people as key actors in Africa’s development targets and goals, enhancing their participation in policy development as well as design and implementation of relevant interventions towards the Africa Union’s Agenda 2063, ‘The Africa we want’. 
It brings people together to share skills, knowledge, creativity and learning to build a more integrated, prosperous and
peaceful Continent driven by its citizens. The volunteering opportunities are intended to build professionalism and a sense of responsibility among the participants, thus enhancing their employability.
Young African professionals are recruited to serve for a period of 12 months as AU Volunteers in an AU Member State other than their own.
 The next intake of volunteers for deployment in 2018 will be from the 11th – 31st of July 2017.
Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants have to meet the following criteria:
1. Citizen of an AU Member State living on the continent or the Diaspora;
2. Aged between 18 – 35 years;
3. Have a post-secondary certified qualification(s) (TVET, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent)
4. Available in 2018 to dedicate 12 (twelve) months for volunteer work;
5. Willing to live and work in another AU Member State;
6. Is proficient in at least one AU working language (Arabic, English, French, Portuguese);
7. Has at least one year verifiable volunteering experience and one year professional work experience.
How to ApplyInterested and qualified candidates should Click here to Apply

Here is How To Earn Big with Google Adsense High CPC Paying Keywords?

Google Adsense is one of the highest paying ads networks for bloggers and publishers. It may seem difficult making good money with high paying keywords? This is your answer. If you have earned $3 from 70 advertising clicks, then your approximately C. P. C rate will be almost $0. 05 per click. Which is worst income/click and you cannot make enough money. Will you be feeling satisfied for earning $5 from 80 clicks? Of course not. So what I must do in order to earn at least $10 daily from Google  Adsense

The solution is, use high paying keywords in your blog posts. For example; you pick a keyword that has C. P. C rate  of about  $2, and you get 60 clicks daily then at the end of day and month your estimated earning will be something like this

Daily income $2 x 62 clicks=$120

Monthly income one hundred twenty x 30 days= $3600

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Generating $3600 only from Adsense is not a bad deal, is it? However, you may use some other monetizing network along with Google Adsense such as BuySellads (The best impression based advertising network). So use most high-priced or high paying keywords and make big money with AdSense.

Here is a list of top high paying keywords for Google Adsense.
List of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords/Niche 2017: Build your website on the listed most expensive and highest paying adsense keywords/niche for earning good revenue from your blog
  • Mesothelioma Law Firm ($179)
  • Donate Car to Charity California ($130)
  • Donate Car for Tax Credit ($126.6)
  • Donate Cars in MA ($125)
  • Donate Your Car Sacramento ($118.20)
  • How to Donate A Car in California ($111.21)
  • Sell Annuity Payment ($107.46)
  • Donate Your Car for Kids ($106)
  • Asbestos Lawyers ($105.84)
  • Structures Annuity Settlement ($100.8)
  • Car Insurance Quotes Colorado ($100.9)
  • Annuity Settlements ($100.72)
  • Nunavut Culture ($99.52)
  • Dayton Freight Lines ($99.39)
  • Hard drive Data Recovery Services ($98.59)
  • Donate a Car in Maryland ($98.51)
  • Motor Replacements ($98.43)
  • Cheap Domain Registration Hosting ($98.39)
  • Donating a Car in Maryland ($98.20)
  • Donate Cars Illinois ($98.13)
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida ($98)
  • Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona ($97.93)
  • Car Insurance Quotes Utah ($97.92)
  • Life Insurance Co Lincoln ($97.07)
  • Holland Michigan College ($95.74)
  • Online Motor Insurance Quotes ($95.73)
  • Online Colleges ($95.65)
  • Paperport Promotional Code ($95.13)
  • Online Classes ($95.06)
  • World Trade Center Footage ($95.02)
  • Massage School Dallas Texas ($94.90)
  • Psychic for Free ($94.61)
  • Donate Old Cars to Charity ($94.55)
  • Low Credit Line Credit Cards ($94.49)
  • Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys ($94.33)
  • Car Insurance Quotes MN ($94.29)
  • Donate your Car for Money ($94.01)
  • Cheap Auto Insurance in VA ($93.84)
  • Met Auto ($93.70)
  • Forensics Online Course ($93.51)
  • Home Phone Internet Bundle ($93.32)
  • Donating Used Cars to Charity ($93.17)
  • PHD on Counseling Education ($92.99)
  • Neuson ($92.89)
  • Car Insurance Quotes PA ($92.88)
  • Royalty Free Images Stock ($92.76)
  • Car Insurance in South Dakota ($92.72)
  • Email Bulk Service ($92.55)
  • Webex Costs ($92.38)
  • Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies ($92.23)
  • Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia ($92.03)
  • Register Free Domains ($92.03)
  • Better Conference Calls ($91.44)
  • Futuristic Architecture ($91.44)
  • Mortgage Adviser ($91.29)
  • Car Donate ($88.26)
  • Virtual Data Rooms ($83.18)
  • Online College Course ($78)
  • Automobile Accident Attorney ($76.57)
  • Auto Accident Attorney ($75.64)
  • Car Accident Lawyers ($75.17)
  • Data Recovery Raid ($73.22)
  • Criminal lawyer Miami ($70)
  • Motor Insurance Quotes ($68.61)
  • Personal Injury Lawyers ($66.53)
  • Car Insurance Quotes ($61.03)
  • Asbestos Lung Cancer ($60.96)
  • Injury Lawyers ($60.79)
  • Personal Injury Law Firm ($60.56)
  • Online Criminal Justice Degree ($60.4)
  • Car Insurance Companies ($58.66)
  • Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting ($53)
  • Insurance Companies ($52)
  • Business VOIP Solutions ($51.9)
  • Auto Mobile Insurance Quote ($50)
  • Auto Mobile Shipping Quote ($50)
  • Health Records, Personal Health Record ($40)
  • Online Stock Trading ($35)
  • Forex Trading Platform ($20)
How will you Get High CPC or Improve Click Rates?

Right now here is the biggest challenge that almost all  bloggers encounters.Many users see how to use these keywords to increase adsense earning as  problem and dont know where to start from?

What you just have to do is write blog post around these keywords and publish on your blog, then chances are  that Google or Yahoo ads publishing service  will displays advertising related to your articles. In the event you use expensive keywords in your posts then Adsense might show advertising having high click rates (It will depend on Adsense algorithm).

If you don't found Keywords related to your niche in this list just use SemRush to find out thousands of keywords related to your niche. Is actually a freemium tool which means you can put it to use without having to pay a single penny but with restrictions. You will have to subscribe for paid subscription to get best of it.